To be open to the needs of growth: to ripen as clay ripens, through geology and the weathering of the storms. Ira ProGoff says ~ It is not a trip but a whole journey....

Just recently I got in touch with a childhood friend. We were together in middle school for a couple of years, then we met again (once) when I was in my first year of college (doing Agriculture Engineering), almost 25 years ago in India. I had no inkling then, or until a decade ago, that I would call myself a "Ceramic artist" one day. I feel that is the beauty of life, we have no clue what our next day will bring...where we will be in a year or five or ten. At times we move so far away, that hind sight seems like a dream.

After my son was born, my perspective shifted. For a decade I had worked in technology doing analysis and management, now the focus was a tiny being, his nurturing and care. We were in Texas then and I had started taking pottery classes, once a week class gradually moved to every day commitment. With time I started dreaming of a new possibility, away from corporate cold corridors.

Paulus Berensohn said "Finding one's way with clay is a technical question: in what way, i.e method do I want to work? It is also a question of style: How do I want the piece to look? And it is a spiritual question as well: How do I relate?It takes time and consistency to find answers to these questions as clay gives you multitude of choices, I chose the ones that felt close to home

Places, culture, history, symbols, motifs, architecture, evolution, nature, colors, texture, books, beings, anything, can capture my attention, I allow my self to be drifted, as these influences always leave me with something ~ ideas, forms, impressions, sketches, designs or words. I do not strive for perfection, but to be in the flow, to be dictated by the moment and whatever that leads me to, I keep it as a gift. 


May, 2020